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Effie Petras (FSSA, Chue Foundation) – feng shui consultant

Effie Petras (FSSA, Chue Foundation) runs a feng shui consultancy based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She has worked extensively in London, UK where she used to reside prior to moving to the UAE. She also does international work mainly in Southern Europe (Cyprus and Greece).

Optimise your homes and business with feng shui:
Effie likes to create environments which are harmonious and relate well to their inhabitants.

She believes that there are three types of ‘luck’ influencing an individual’s life. The ‘Earth’ luck which involves the environment that a person lives in and this can be altered and improved through Feng Shui. The ‘Heaven’ luck that a person brings with them when they are born and outlines a set of pre-determined tendencies. These can be read in an individual’s astrological chart or BaZi. And ‘Man’ luck which involves the individual’s belief system, attitude and therefore choices. Attitudes and beliefs can be shifted through a series of life coaching techniques.

By fully intervening and addressing all 3 influences, Effie offers a holistic approach to her consultations which guarantees a permanent change towards her clients’ wants, wishes and intentions.

Effie’s easy going and friendly approach makes her style of practice accessible. She believes that when Feng Shui is used correctly it provides an invaluable tool which can greatly transform an individual’s life.



Effie is the Feng Shui Society Accredited Consultant and a member of the Chue Style Foundation. She was an active member of the executive committee of the Feng Shui Society UK (as a secretary), which is UK’s formal body for accredited feng shui consultants.



My feng shui philosophy
“To me Feng Shui is like un-coding nature. By understanding and respecting the elements of nature, you help it back into balance and harmony. I believe that living in harmonious environments is a foundation for a healthy, prosperous life. When your living environment is balanced then your thoughts, mind and body are balanced which in turn enables you to navigate better in life and make better choices.”

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