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What is feng shui for?
The study of Feng shui describes the movement of energy (chi) in our surroundings. The literal meaning of Feng Shui, when translated, is wind and water.Contrary to general understanding, Feng Shui is a study based on research going back for more than five thousands of years. Farmers in rural China believed that by understanding and respecting the movement and changes in their environment they could produce a good harvest and therefore have prosperous livings. By observing the landscape, in relation to the seasons and weather they found a way to un-code nature’s behavior. How humans interacted with nature’s movement of energies became a study which more or less directed where cities were built, where homes were located and where crops were planted.Soon Imperial rulers acknowledged the power of feng shui and summoned the Feng Shui Masters to serve them. The Imperial rulers of China would trust and rely on the science of Feng Shui to help them rule and protect their empires. The Imperial Courts and palaces would be built according to Feng Shui principles and the Imperial emperors would base their decision making on their Feng Shui Masters’ advices.

Five Elements
Most of the Feng Shui analysis is based on the five elements. In Chinese philosophy these elements are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. The energy that these five elements emanate can be found everywhere in our environment either literally or symbolically in terms of form, shape or colour. Understanding the interaction of these five elements in our environment forms the basis of analysis for Feng Shui.

Imperial Yuen Hom Style Feng Shui
The style of Feng Shui I practice is called Imperial Yuen Hom Feng Shui. It relates to the 64 hexagrams derived from the I Ching, the book of changes, and means ‘from nothing to everything and from everything to nothing’. It is the style of feng shui that developed in the Imperial Courts of China which up until recently was considered to be very secretive and passed only from the master to his one chosen student.


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