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BaZi – Feng shui astrology

Feng shui compass - Lo Pan

Feng shui compass (Lo Pan)

BaZi – Feng shui astrology
BaZi, or the Four Pillars of Destiny as it’s commonly known in the West, outlines the pure ‘make-up’ of an individual, as it was given to them by the Heavens at the time of their birth. This ‘make-up’ can be read by the interaction of the yin and yang variations of the five elements. The interplay of these elements in a person’s BaZi chart enables us to identify their personality traits, character, behaviour and potential.

Ten-year cycles influence the charts even further by bringing more characters into play. By analysing the relationship of these characters, we can identify the tendencies which are influencing an individual’s life at any given moment.

BaZi is not to be viewed as limiting or as fatalistic. On the contrary it is an extremely valuable tool which helps us understand the winds and currents of our life paths so that we navigate safely. When used correctly it allows us to be clever with our timing and endeavors. To put it simply, it places us in the right place at the right time.

BaZi for business
An interesting application of BaZi is creating business profiles. By analysing the charts of key employees, we can identify their core strenghts and talents, how they operate best and how we can accelerate their performance.

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