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Why feng shui your home?
The environment we live in inevitably influences our lives. Our homes are the external reflections of ourselves. Therefore, whatever is going on in our internal world is reflected in our environment. When a feng shui consultant reads the story of the internal living space of an individual they can immediately understand the stage and tendencies controlling their lives at the specific moment in time.

Feng shui for homes

Feng shui for homes

Health, wealth and relationships can be improved with feng shui
This knowledge and understanding allows the feng shui consultant to change the interaction of the different energies and create a more personilised, balanced and harmonious space. Then, this space will help shift the individual into a more balanced and harmonious life.

About a residential  feng shui consultation

I need to know the time and date of birth of the people occupying the property. A floor plan of the property is also needed. Another very important thing I ask of my clients is to think carefully why they want and what they are trying to acheive with the feng shui consultation. Also what they want in life and what are their aspirations for the future.

I usually go through five very important steps for any given consultation
• Prior to visiting the property I evaluate the BaZi charts of the main occupants of the house. This gives me an initial understanding of their elemental needs, and whether they have any issues in relation to their wealth, health or relationships.
• I visit the property. I start with the immediate external environment and assess forms in the surrounding area of the site. Then I move to the internal part of the property and I review internal forms. I take my compass readings and make note of any issues arising. This usually takes me 2 hours depending on the size of the property
• I go away, do my research and write my findings in a report together with my recommendations which I send to my clients
• I take my clients through the report. This can be done over the phone, via skype or by visiting the site for a second time. I give them my recommendations and answer all of their questions.
• After my clients have had the time to implement all of the suggestions, I like to give them a follow up call to get feedback and ensure that things have worked out.

Curved staircase for good feng shui

Curved staircase for good feng shui

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