New Homebuyers – Feng Shui Checklist

Feng shui checklist

Feng shui checklist for new homes buyers

New Homebuyers – Feng Shui Checklist
For a home buyer it is important to know that the house he is about to buy has the basics right. Feng shui can help achieve that. There are some very general feng shui rules that can be followed – what we call ‘form’ feng shui.

  • Look at what is around your property because it determines what you’ll have inside your property.
  • Avoid detrimental ‘chi’ in the form of electrical stations, chemical compounds or stagnant polluted water in the vicinity of the property
  • Avoid buying a property next to a cemetery or hospital
  • The front of the house needs to be open and clear so that chi can easily access the front door. When the front, which represents the future, is open and clear then your future is full of opportunities.
  • A little porch in front of the house ensures that there is space for chi to sit and gather before entering the house.
  • The property needs to be balanced and supported from both sides – left and right. It is best to choose properties located in the middle of residential roads to ensure that balance.
  • Make sure that the buildings on the left and right are not overwhelmingly taller than the property you are considering.
  • The back of the house is extremely important because it represents the back bone of the property. You need to have support at the back in the form of a mountain, building or trees.
  • Therefore, the back of the property should not be at a cliff
  • Avoid houses in front of a T junction
  • Be careful of any electrical pillars anywhere around the house

2014 is the year of the Wooden Horse. It is the year of the leaders, the go-getters and the ones who want to make their dreams come true. So don’t be afraid to think forward and be bold with your choices and your decision-making; you have the energy of the year to back you up.

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